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3M Wireless Communication System Model XT-1


3M XT-1 Fully Digital System Drive Thru System

  • Digital Sound Technologies
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Pass code Security
  • Digital Key Pad Controls

    The new drive thru system has smart technology and tools to help keep your operation running smoothly and help make your life easier.

Smart Technology 43


  • Self Diagnostics
  • Automated Service Requests/Alerts
  • Network ready – remote access & support

    The QSR market knows that information is the key to improving efficiency and bottom-line results. 3M Wireless Communication System Model XT-1 is the first drive-thru intercom system to offer remote self diagnostics. Potential problems can be identified before they become critical which save time and money. The system practically takes care of itself --providing you with assurance that your system is running smoothly.

Superior Sound Clarity


  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Spread Spectrum Technology

    Customer satisfaction increase when your employees can hear and respond quickly and clearly. The Model 3M XT-1 drive thru system provides clear, accurate sound for all single or multi-lane configurations.

Operational Excellence


  • Flexible new Order Taking Modes
  • Built-in Messaging and Optional Greeter
  • Industry tested Headset Durability
  • Self-Guided Training

    The Model XT-1 drive thru system is flexible and easy to use with minimal training required. The ergonomically designed headset has operator-friendly buttons, voice prompts and multiple languages, resulting in better productivity and customer service.