The power of music brings people and lifestyles together, motivates action, and even inspires cultures. It makes an unbelievable difference in your store, hotel, restaurant, or gym and helps you to be unique.

Love songs set the perfect ambiance for a candle lit dinner
Up tempo dance and groovy music sets the stage to purchase new, hip clothes
Power hits with a fast pace are perfect for lifting in a gym

Sophisticated Sound, Inc. along with DMX is the ideal partner to provide the right music for you. With over 35 years experience, DMX delivers an unparalleled music assortment that is tailored to your desired goals. DMX has worked with many of the largest worldwide brands to drive people to buy more, stay longer, eat faster, and remember more. Not to mention, you’re protected with us. Our music licensing coverage is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Sophisticated Sound, Inc. along with DMX provides both satellite and on-site music service offerings: the best available. We leverage both the very latest and the traditional hits in virtually every music discipline imaginable by making use of the largest music library next to the Library of Congress. 

DBS Channel Line List

Digital Satellite Music

  • Over 100 commercial free digital music channels 
  • Automated time of day and day of week music scheduling 
  • Non-penetrating roof-top antenna
  • Expert installation 
  • Programmable music management 
  • 24/7 technical support and service 

ProFusion iS

  •  Music, On-Hold, and On-Air Messages
  • Automatic Easy content scheduling
  • Over 1000 hours of high quality audio storage available 
  • Video capture their attention 
  • Secure digital network delivery 
  • Multi audio zones capability 
  • Internet, Network or CD music updates 

ProFusion D

  • Music and On-Hold Music
  • Proprietary disc playback 
  • Up to 30 hours of digital music per disc 
  • 30, 60, or 90 day music updates 
  • Opening disc library 
  • Sophisticated CD buffering technology 
  • 1 digital audio zone with 1 zone music-on-hold option 

Business Music Done Right!

 We've put fun back into music. At mixhits radio we started by creating a better way to deliver music to your business. Then we created custom crafted, commercial and talk free stations for your business. For larger retailers we create custom formats and branded radio. We combined a handful of background music veterans with a few internet savvy executives and built our network from the ground up.