Drive Thru Repair...

Having a problem with your Drive Thru System?

Whether you are having problems with your wireless headset system, hard-wired intercom, detection system, outside speaker or just need to get your wireless headsets repaired, we can help!

If you are in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and would like for us to make a service call to your location, call us at 817-265-5254 and we will have you back up and operating in no time.

If you need wireless headsets repaired you can mail them to:

Attention: Repair

Sophisticated Sound, Inc.
2340 Superior Drive, Ste. E
Arlington, Texas 76013

We will repair them and return UPS.

Why call anyone else? Sophisticated Sound has been providing superior drive thru service to all the major restaurant chains since 1973. We understand how important your drive thru is to your business!

Give us a call. You will not be disappointed!


Contact us or call metro 817-265-5254 so that we can arrange a convenient time to meet and further discuss your sound or drive thru system needs.